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   Prashant Tiwari
Every minute, from inside and outside, promptings and temptations arise and accumulate in people. One cannot attend to all of them at the same time, so one fixes attention on only the most important one. This is called concentration (Avadhana). Concentration is needed to grasp any subject well. Purposefully directing one’s attention to a subject and fixing it there is called one-pointedness (Ekagratha). This is also a condition of the mind. Concentration and one-pointedness help to focus our effort on any selected task. Concentration is essential for all. It is the foundation of all successful endeavours. 

Concentration is needed to grasp any subject well

DB Girls' Alumni Association is envisioned and formed as a lifetime platform for the welfare of the DB Girls' Community. This global platform will not only facilitate effective & faster communication among the alumni members but also provide an opportunity to better "Learn, Leap and Lead" throughout their life.  
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