Feedback report has many usages it gaves an opportunity to improve in various aspects.The institute has taken feedback with 360 students of the college randomly ie. around 10% students of the college. Similarly we have taken a feedback from stake holders also. Basically the collge have students of all different economic strata, from very poor to well off students while feedback with the students, it has been observed that the college need improvement in the class room facilities, toilet section, drinking water section and common room section. However he counters, library infrastructure, curriculum students support meachanise were found satisfactory. Parent teacher interactions need to be improved. Stake holders and on the other hand showed their concern in some of the above heads. Alumini feedback was found satisfactory. Few of the nearby industries rated this college good. Overall the college has improve in few if the aspects, being a government college it has certain limitations to overcome these difficulties. Still the institute owes a good name in the society and in the state.

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