Rusa Proposal Executive Summary

  • Recently College has submitted a proposal to Rusa for converting the college into Women University
  • The total plan envisaged an outlay of Rs 5477.25 lakhs out of which it is proposed to obatain Rs 3560.2125 lakhs as RUSA grant (65% of total project cost with ceiling of 5500 lakh) and Rs 1917.0375 lakh state share(35% of total plan)
Executive Summary
  1. 45 autonomous colleges (autonomy granted by University Grants Commission atleast in 2008 or earlier) that have necessary infrastructural facilities, antiquity, teaching strength and quality will be considered for up‐gradation to Universities.
  2. According to guidelines issued for up gradation the institute full fill most of the norms in Toto. Was conferred autonomy in year 1987 and has been enjoying the status of College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) as conferred by UGC since Oct 2010 . At present The college campus is on 4.47 acres and 300 acres of land at villege pandri baloda bazaar district which has been donated by Mahant Dudh-Ahari trust keeping in view someday the institution will develop in to a women university Have adequate library reading room,4 hostels, laboratory, ICT, network resource center ,multi purpose sports complex in making and other sports facilities.
  3. The institute has 3041 students studying various subjects.
  4. Have teaching programs both in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It also have incredible research capacity as evidenced through research , guide ship and publications of faculty members.
  5. The college is multi‐faculty with faculties Arts, Science, Home Science Commerce, and Physical education . Have inter‐disciplinary programs in teaching and research. Various other diploma and certificate courses are running in the college. we have 3 computer labs and a central network resource center equipped with latest academic software ,this is to be upgraded to the level of proposed university the institute is a pioneer institute to start biotechnology to train students for the ever growing demand of scientist and professionals in the field of food , grains and agri technologies. this the first institute to receive excellence in department of Home Science by the state government, it is running MHSc in Food & Nutrition , Human Development and Resource Management alongwith a course in PG diploma in Food and Dietetics and all these Diatecian are well placed in hospitals These courses have yielded good employment for the students.
  6. A proposal for community college has already been accepted by MHRD and the institute will receive a budget of 47lakhs soon .It will start from the month of January 2014 with Hospitality Management . The Govt of CG is keen on developing the state as a premier tourist destination, the college will provide necessary human resource for the same. The khairagrh and Raigarh kathak Gharana of the state has a world wide repute in this field of classical dances And music our faculty for the same is a household name in this field of dance
  7. Have a robust internal governance structure: with Academic Council, Board of Studies/Research Councils and Finance Committees as per the guidelines of the regulatory body, The institute is having overall 69 committees, for effective and decentralized governance.
  8. The faculty of the institute has completed 15 research projects and 20 projects still running in the college. Has almost 256 publications in last 5 yrs.
  9. Have good administrative staff and the capacity to start the function of university
  10. In the light of the above the proposed plan addresses the object of upgrading the institute to the level of a women university first of its kind in the state, We envisage that institute by introduction of courses through independent School Of Economics ,School of Performing arts , School of Psychology, School of Science and School of Home Science Center of Women Studies, Center for studies of tribal and aborigines and a Finishing school for development of employable skills (PPP mode) will generate graduates and post graduates to meet the ever rising demand in these fields and ultimately will empower women .Each school headed by a director who may be senior faculty member We propose creation of three positions of Deans.
  11. The total plan envisaged an outlay of Rs7294 lakhs out of which it is proposed to obatain Rs 4741.1 lakhs as RUSA grant (65% of total project cost with ceiling of 5500 lakh) and Rs2552.9 lakh state share(35% of total plan )
  12. It will lead to construction of new blocks for proposed schools , administrative area media center ,complete third floor , up gradation of existing infrastructure , up gradation of laboratories , hostels toilets etc.
  13. We hope that the 55 yr old women institute have all the important input in place to be a women university