• Well-designed need based curriculum.
  • Adequate infrastructure facilities.
  • Experienced and committed faculty
  • Latest ICT resources (Wi Fi Campus)
  • Proper research facilities (Eight departments recognized research centers)
  • Participative management system
  • Eco friendly initiatives
  • MSDN Academic Alliance
  • Adequate number of curricular and extracurricular activities
  • E-class Room
  • Lack of interdisciplinary courses.
  • Lack of major projects.
  • Research and consultancy services to be enhanced.
  • Inadequate number of campus placements.
  • To establish E-class room.
  • To introduce more inter disciplinary courses.
  • To increase collaboration with other institutions.
  • To introduce more skill development programmes.
  • Campus Placement placements to be increased.
  • As the majority of students come from the rural, socio-economically backward class of the society, the major challenge is to change their orthodox mind set and groom them as independent, free thinking individuals.
  • To boost the low confidence level of students, enhance their competency and empower them.